Slate Trays

As part of our ongoing quest to improve people’s lives, our slate/resin shower trays with Acrystone® technology guarantee exceptional mechanical properties.

  • They are based on the union between a mass of recycled polyester resin and mineral fillers. 25% of the resin is made with PET bottles from post-consumer waste.
  • The remaining 75% is composed of highly pure and quality dolomite: resistant, noble, and abundant in our environment.
  • They are coated with a thick outer layer of Life Coat, our gel formulation that we use on materials to provide them with unparalleled durability and strength.

Characteristics of our slate/resin shower trays

  1. Warm and pleasant to the touch.
  2. ANTI-SLIP. Provides a high level of slip resistance. They are class 3 slip resistant and so are suitable for projects for special needs.
  3. MADE-TO-MEASURE service is available, so we can offer trays for bespoke projects no problem.
  4. Possibility of customisation: we offer various colours and the option to cut the shower tray according to the needs of the space.
  5. HIGH-SPEED water evacuation, with industry-leading manufacturers of shower wastes.
  6. Easy and efficient installation: they can be installed flush with the floor or with a step onto it. They are lightweight and normally have defined slopes, so the installer only needs to ensure that they are perfectly flat.
  7. 5 standard stock colors available (White, Black, Anthracite, Cement, Sand), plus a full RAL SERVICE!!
  8. Totally waterproof: a major advantage over shower trays made of masonry, as the latter can only be made waterproof using internal coatings, such as asphalt fabric, and by correctly sealing the joints.
  9. Easy maintenance and cleaning.


Once the product is installed, to remove any cement or mortar that may remain on the surface, use a joint descaler or a specific cement cleaner. Avoid rubbing the shower tray directly to avoid scratching it. After using it, rinse with water and ensure good ventilation of the bathroom.

For the routine cleaning of the shower tray, use water, liquid cleaners and soft cloths or non-abrasive sponges.

Never use scourers as they can damage the surface of the shower tray. Don´t mix different cleaning products.

In order to remove limescale residues, use an antiscale product following this steps:
1 – Remove the drainage grille and apply the antiscale product with the help of a damp cloth over the entire surface of the
shower tray.
2- Leave the product to act for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
3- Place the grille back and rinse the shower tray again.

The grille should be regularly cleaned, therefore remove it and apply a stainless steel cleaning product.

If you use hair dye, rinse the shower tray with soap and water after every shower.

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